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Transportation Policy

Student Bus Change Procedure

  1. Each family will be allowed TWO separate pick-up and drop-off locations other than the student’s home. All changes and requests must be submitted in writing on District Transportation Form during the designated timeframes.
  2. These can remain the same throughout the school year or can be changed at designated times during the year, if needed. For the 2016-2017 school year new requests may be made: 8/3, 10/31 and 2/27. The district will notify families when a request for a change is permissible. Changes will go into effect upon notification from the transportation department.
  3. Selected locations for pick up and drop off must be defined on a regular schedule and those will be the ONLY locations at which students will be picked up and dropped off during the designated timeframes.
  4. Changes will not be permitted outside these time frames. If a change is needed, parents will be responsible for transportation, until the next open time frame.
  5. These procedures went into effect Sept. 1, 2011.
Permanent Change of Home, 1st or 2nd Address:

In the event that a family moves or student’s home address changes during the quarter, the district requires five days notice to ensure the home pick-up and drop-off service is not interrupted.