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Transportation Form Instructions

If you have more than one child and their schedules are the same you may use the same Transportation Form for all your children.


If your children will have different schedules you must fill out a seperate form for each child.

Fill in the child(s) name(s) and circle the school that each will be attending


Check the appropriate box for the time frame that the schedule will apply - you do not have to schedule the year in advance. If you anticipate your child having the same schedule for the whole school year you may check all the boxes, you will still be able to change at the open times if you need to change it.


Fill in your home address, name of contact, phone number and circle the days of the week your child(ren) will be picked up at home.

Move on to the next location filling in the address, contact, phone number for the contact and circle the days of the week the children will be picked up at that location.

If required fill in the third address information and circle days of pick up.


Fill in the drop off locations with the locations that your child(ren) will be dropped off as you did for pick up locations.


Sign the form and mail it to:
Le Roy Central School
2-6 Trigon Park
Le Roy, NY 14482
If you have any questions, please call us at 585-768-5520.