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Emergency Communications

Le Roy Parents, Teachers and Staff - 


If you have any changes in your contact information, please contact the main office secretaries.

As we move closer to our inclement weather season, please keep the following in mind:   

  • First notification will be made via the school's automated call system.
  • Principals will communicate through their Twitter accounts. 
  • Local media outlets will be used - Radio - (WBTA), Television - Spectrum News, WGRZ Channel 2, WKBW Channel 7, WHEC Channel 10, and WHAM Channel 13. 
  • In most cases, delays and/or cancellations will be announced around 6:45 AM.  Please do not call the school or village to find out if school will be in session.  Instead, follow the procedures listed in the first three (3) bullets.   

If weather conditions dictate an early dismissal, the following procedure will be followed: 

  • Students in grades 7 - 12 will be dismissed first.
  • Approximately 45-55 minutes later, students in grades K - 6 will be dismissed. 

If the start of school is delayed by one or two hours at the Jr/Sr High School and Wolcott Street School: 

  • School will start one or two hours from the normal start time in each respective building. 
  • Staff and parents will be notified via the automated phone system, Twitter, and media outlets.   
  • PM BOCES at Batavia will run at the normal time.