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Universal Pre-Kindergarten

Pre-Kindergarten programs and quality early childhood programs are essential to assisting young children prepare for academic success. The UPK Program has been a catalyst for positive change in those districts where it has been implemented. Both districts and early childhood agencies have benefited from shared professional development activities and collaboration. Consistent goals, objectives, and curriculum are being implemented and all teachers benefit from interaction across systems. These efforts benefit the children who enter kindergarten with a stronger educational foundation, as well as their parents and families who have a better understanding of school expectations and how they can support their children’s learning.

2008 –2009 marked our inaugural year for Universal Pre-Kindergarten. We have been pleased with the positive response to the program and are excited about the achievement of the students enrolled in our program. We also respect the work of the local preschools and daycare centers and wish to remain in close communication with them to plan curriculum and share ideas and resources. We believe that by offering a 5 day per week program run by the school district, we will be expanding the choices available for our Le Roy families and will help to create a broader continuum of programming options within our community.

Le Roy has a tradition of excellence in all aspects of education, Pre-K through grade 12, as a result of the combined efforts of the school district and community-based organizations. It is our desire to continue that tradition while providing broader access to options for our families.