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Mission, Vision, Goals

Our Vision

Le Roy Central School District is a world class community of learners who exceed core local, state, national and international standards.

Our Mission

The mission of the Le Roy Central School District is to provide an exceptional, high quality educational environment where all learners are empowered to succeed.

Our Beliefs

As a district, we believe in:

  • an inclusive, safe and healthy learning environment
  • the value of each student and staff member
  • strong ties with families and community
  • high expectations
  • the importance of continuous improvement
  • a full range of educational opportunities
  • taking pride in our schools, district and community
  • people who are engaged in and challenged by suitable, rigorous academic work that prepares them for success each day and in the future
  • people who are self reflective, and exhibit a sense of leadership, responsibility, collaboration, tolerance, cooperation and caring
  • independent, effective decision makers
  • the development of unique individual talents
  • inspiring a life long love of learning and a sense of inquisitiveness
  • work that is meaningful, relevant, requires a strong ability to obtain, process, and produce information, and incorporates 21st Century skills
  • creating and adopting fiscally responsible school budgets that reflect the district mission and adequately address program and student need.


Our Goals

To  ensure that all students graduate from Le Roy Central School District college and career ready 

To create and maintain a unified school culture that promotes life-long learning, character development, and exhibits positive staff, student and community relationships

To ensure that all members of the school community continuously strive to research their maximum leadership potential 

To ensure that the Le Roy Central School District provides a safe and healthy 21st Century learning environment while being fiscally responsible to the community