District Documents

District Documents

Document / Plan Brief Description

Our strategic plan outlines the mission and vision of the district and the actions we are implementing each year to achieve these goals.

Elementary Code of Behavior Expectations

Le Roy Central Schools District Code of Conduct

Appropriate use of the electronic information services requires that the use of these resources be in accordance with the following guidelines and support the educational goals of the Le Roy Central School District.

This District-wide School Safety Plan was developed pursuant to Commissioner’s Regulation 155.17. At the direction of the Le Roy Central School District Board of Education, the Superintendent of Le Roy Central School District appointed a District-wide School Safety Team and charged it with the development and maintenance of this District-wide School Safety Plan.

As part of the Le Roy Central School District 1:1 Device initiative, your student is being provided with a device and charger to use for educational purposes both at school and at home. This will be the device your student will be using for the next
three years. Students and parents/guardians must carefully read this agreement. 

Le Roy Central School's UPK Plan

Process for resolving complaints submitted to the New York State Education Department's (NYSED) Office of ESSA-Funded Programs alleging that a local educational agency (LEA), grantee or NYSED has violated a law, rule, or regulation in the administration of any "covered Federal program" under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

The Le Roy Central School District's professional development plan is based on the belief that learning is not simply an act of students alone, but is also a responsibility of faculty and staff. Current professional development best practices reflect the need to develop programs that are; ongoing in nature, are grounded in research, are collaborative, are aligned to both New York State Standards as well as individual needs.

The SPED plan is adopted by the BOE to identify and support the full continuum of services by the District.

The district Instructional Technology plan is updated yearly and the goal is to develop the plan with stakeholders to provide direction for tech implementation.

Counselors' plan outlining how they identify and maintain focus on relations and interactions between students and their environment with the express purpose of reducing barriers that impede student success.

In accordance with NYSED guidance, Le Roy Central School District is required to develop and publish a plan, which indicates how the District intends to use American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding for the 2021-2024 academic school years.



Report of analysis performed on water samples submitted by LeRoy CSD. 
Le Roy Central Schools Smart School's Initiative Presentation

 Each year the school district is required to hire an external audit firm to review and substantiate all financial activity during the schools' fiscal year.  The District must send that report to the NYS Comptroller's office for review.

 Each year the external audit firm verbally identifies their findings during the audit and reports those findings to the Audit Committee and the Board of Education through this document.

 Audit by NYS 2015-16

Following is a report of our audit of the Le Roy Central School District, entitled Payroll. This audit was conducted pursuant to Article V, Section 1 of the State Constitution and the State Comptroller’s authority as set forth in Article 3 of the New York State General Municipal Law. This audit’s results and recommendation are resources for district officials to use in effectively managing operations and in meeting the expectations of their constituents