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Board of Education Meetings

Generally, Board of Education meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM.  If the meeting is being held in the Board Room at Wolcott Street School, please enter through the northwest door on Wolcott Street.  If the meeting is being held in the cafeteria of Wolcott Street School, you may enter through the main office doors, the gymnasium doors or the triple doors.  If the meeting is at the Jr.-Sr. High Library, please use the front entrance doors at the High School.

Occasionally, regular meetings must be rescheduled or additional meetings held.  The public is notified in advance when this happens through posting on our website, posting at the District Office, High School Office and Elementary Office and  a legal notice in the Batavia Daily News, time permitting.

In accordance with the practice agreed upon in the negotiated Teacher Contract and with the Board's own policy, a minimum notice of 48 hours prior to the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education is required for inclusion of an item on the agenda by an individual or group unless an emergency exists or the procedure is waived by a three-fourths majority of the Board of Education.

All meetings of the Board shall be conducted in public, and the public has the right to attend all such meetings.  Public expression at such meetings shall be encouraged and a specific portion of the agenda (Open Forum) shall be provided for this privilege of the floor.  A visitor may address the Board of Education for three minutes during Open Forum.  A visitor must complete and submit the available form to either the Board President or the District Clerk prior to the start of the Board meeting.   The Le Roy Central School District Board of Education restricts the ability of members of the public speaking at meetings to offer public commentary on matters involving privacy issues otherwise protected by law.  Public conduct on school property is subject to the District's Code of Conduct. The Board is present to hear your comments but will refrain from commenting until they have had an opportunity to thoughtfully reflect on what you have said.  If your comments require follow up or a response from the Board, appropriate action or follow up will be taken.