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Sports Boosters

OUR GOAL: To enhance the experiences of ALL of our athletes, on ALL of our teams.
Meetings are normally held every first Wed. of the month in the High School Sr. Cafe, starting at 6:30 pm. If you are interested in joining Sports Boostersthe Board, please feel free to contact us.
Current Board members.  
Tiffany Kota: President 
Alicia Reschke: Treasurer
Lindsay Bihrle: Secretary, Website

Yearly Calendar of Events

This will give you an idea of what we do and what help we need.


Meeting to organize Fall activities. Soccer Concession Stand; clean, organize workers, stock...Apparel Sales


Monitor concession stand activities

Pizza Party Picture day, usually first week in October

Start Planning Cross Country Counties Concession Stand.  Date is usually Late October.


Clean up concession stand and equipment for season, store.


Pizza Party Picture day, usually first week in February


Any fundraising activities


Pizza Party Picture day, usually first week in October

Start Planning Track Invitational Concession Stand. Usually a Friday night in May?

Elect officers for next year


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If you have any pictures you would like to share, please email us and we will look into getting them posted on our Instagram & Facebook accounts.
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We need help with our activities:

Remember: you do NOT need to commit a lot of time to help out. If every athlete's parent volunteered one or two hours per year that would be all that is necessary. Remember: Our goal is to enhance the experiences of All of our athletes on All of our sport teams!! Spread the word to get more parents involved and receiving our emails.

Use the link below to sign up for helping in the Concession Stand. Anytime you can give is appreciated.


To enhance the experiences of ALL of our athletes, on ALL of our sport teams.



First Wed. of each month @ 6:00 p.m. @ High School Sr. Cafe (Normally)

** Meeting times posted via our Facebook & Instagram accounts **

Everyone is welcome at meetings!  Remember, you do not need to attend to help out.  Let us know if you would like to help with something, it could be anything big or small.  Email