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Guide to Writing a Research Paper

Writing a good research paper is an important skill that needs to be taught and reinforced in order to develop fully. The ability to determine a topic, locate and evaluate information, and then develop one's findings into a logical format can be applied across a variety of instructional settings and can be used to assess skill development as well as concept acquisition. The following references and links have been developed and compiled to assist the teachers and students of LCSD in carrying out a research project. Students of all ages can benefit from exposure to expository writing and these skills can be addressed to some degree at all grade levels.
What is research?


Why is it important?
 Getting Started:
The process.

 Finding the right information:  
  • Searching the web using effective Internet search strategies 
  • Using online databases.
 Citing Sources:  

     Assistance w/Citing Sources:

Copyright and plagiarism:   
 The final draft: