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Wolcott Street School Fitness Center

WSS Fitness Center

768-7115, x-1109; [email protected]
Wellness Center Workouts
The Wolcott Street School Fitness Center is an outgrowth of the PEP Grant awarded to the WSS in 2014. This tremendous district asset has been designed to serve as a modern, user-friendly resource for community and individual fitness aspirations...please explore the possibilities our facility provides.
All registered community members are welcome...please reference the links below for additional forms, materials, and information
The 2019-20 Community-use hours for the WSS Fitness Center, will begin Monday, Sept. 9th.  Monday & Wednesday mornings (6-8 a.m.), and Tuesday & Thursday evenings (4-8 p.m.)   New members are welcome to join...The membership rate for 2019-20 at this time is $25.00, and students may use the facility free of cost...for more information contact [email protected] or call 768-8133; x-1109
Wellness Center Workouts Wellness Center Workouts